Why are we Katelyn's Revenge?

Katelyn Nicole Rogers was a 12 years old girl from Cedartown, GA that took her life on December 30, 2016.  While there are many factors that resulted in her suicide, one of the major factors that resulted in her deciding to end her life is that she decided to use the live.me mobile application to reach out for a shoulder to lean on in dealing with her horrible family life.

Sadly she did not find that special person to help her, but instead drew the attention of online predators who knew she was in a vulnerable position.  She ended up forming a relationship with Luke Callahan of Norwell, MA who was an adult that knew she was a child.

The fact that she was a child did not deter Luke.  He led her into believing that he was her boyfriend and when he began to realize it was unlikely that he would ever gain physical access to her, he decided to end the relationship.  She apologized to Luke for not being good enough for him as she was getting ready to hang herself during her final live stream.

What if she had found a person that was genuinely there to help her?  A person that was willing to help her and possibly get her the intervention she needed in her life?  What if there was someone in place to make the stream inhospitable for Luke and the other predators that were pursuing her on live.me?

We may not be able to answer the above questions definitively, but a difference could have likely been made if a person truly willing to help was available.  There are many other children and people on these mobile applications in vulnerable times of their lives or may not be aware of the dangers.  The mission we serve is to be there for these individuals and to help where we can by advising, teaching, caring and informing the proper authorities when needed.  It is our hopes that we can prevent another child from taking their life by helping them realize that there is hope and preventing those without morals or decency of taking advantage of them in their vulnerable state.

Katelyn did not get the help she needed in life, but we consider it her vengeance by working to not only expose online predators, but also educating about safe use of social media and mobile applications.  You will find plenty of resources here regarding online safety and an active community with plenty of people willing to help and advise you, even if you just need a shoulder to lean on.

Who we are

Our community started out as a facebook group called Katelyn Nicole Davis - The Vault.  As we researched her case and understood what had happened in her life, we began to realize that there were many other vulnerable children out there in need that are still with us.  We wanted to do something to help those that there was still a chance to help while still remembering Katelyn.  The idea for this website and community was born from that vision.  We hope that you decide to join us in our efforts.

Next Steps...

If you would like to join our team or become part of the community here, please visit our forums and join our community.