Thank You

Thank You

We've had an overwhelming response to the original article and it's only been a little over 24 hours. We'd like to thank everyone that has joined our forums. You guys are the best and we look forward you getting to know you. We're good people fighting the good fight.

We've had a lot of positive responses to The Pedophile Among Us. We encourage you to share it with friends, family and, even on your pages. If you have a group it's a great place to share as well.

Most parents aren't aware of the underlying dangers on the Internet and together we can make a difference. Helping them to become more informed is our #1 goal.

Our Forum

If you haven't joined our forums Please do and encourage your friends to join as well. The more people that are aware the better. There are powers in numbers and we always will be here to listen to concerns and expose the truth.

If there is anything you'd like us to look into feel free to email us or contact a moderator in the forum and we will do our best to look into the matter immediately.


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